Creating our sustainable studio space from scratch.

Being an entrepreneur since 2016, I always found cozy spaces to work from at home. It's a different joy to work around family, to know I'm supported and also helped time and again in my tasks. I always dreamed of having my own work space that I could decorate and sneak to when I wanted to work by myself. This dream was in the works and slowly became a reality in 2019, right before the pandemic!
Planning on paper, rough sketches and the hopes to build a fully sustainable space led my family and I to stumble upon alternative materials. Little did I know i wouldn't just have a studio, I would have a fully sustainable studio built along independent vendors and small business owners. The structure was made with puff panels, filled with vintage furniture from my grandfather's home (some passed along for generations) and lots of plants! Making do with what I had was priority. 
Slowly but steadily, with a lot of research, we put together my studio from ground up. I learnt so much through this journey, about materials, vendor relations, costs and budgeting. It's fully functional as my living and workspace. The best part is having Chase, my robot vacuum cleaner gifted by my sister!