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Custom Logo Stamp

Custom Logo Stamp

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Delivery Timeline: 10-12 business days.

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How To Order Your Custom Stamp

  • Pick the stamp size
  • Upload your logo or design file in a high resolution PDF format, preferably black & white.
  • Add the product to cart + complete shipping info and proceed to pay.

Note: only a symbol or up to 3 alphabets fit in the 0.5 x 0.5 inch stamp.


Rubber Stamp mounted on a hand finished block of natural wood.

Must Be Used With

The stamp must be used with an ink pad. We recommend Archival Inks to get the best stamping results.

We stock them in different colours in small and large sizes which can be purchased here.

Surfaces It Works On

When used with Archival Inks, this stamp works on:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Fabric
  • Fabric Canvas
  • Painting Canvas
  • Raw/Unpolished wood
  • Cork
  • Cement
  • Jesmonite

When used with Basic Inks like Camlin, Artline, Faber Castle, this stamp works on:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard

Delivery & Returns

Delivery Timelines: 10-12 working days.

Cancellation & Returns: As each product is made to order, we DO NOT accept order cancellations or returns.

For detailed information, kindly view our policy page.

Usage Instrcutions

Dab the stamp on the ink pad and place it on the printing surface. Press it well, making sure there is even pressure on the center as well as all four corners.

Small stamps need less pressure. Large stamps must be pressed using with the palm from the center followed by all four corner to get a neat and even print.

Make sure the ink pad is refilled from time to time to avoid faded stamp impressions.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool, dry and dust free place, away from direct sunlight.

Care For Your Stamp

Keep away from direct sunlight and water. The stamp may develop a yellow or red tint over time which is normal.

Clean the rubber surface with a cotton swab using acetone or nail paint remover if you observe ink build up in the stamp.

If you are changing the ink colour, cleaning the stamp is a must. Take prints on a rough sheet to avoid any mixed colour prints on the final surface.


  • Stamps can only be printed in a single colour.
  • The background of designs will be removed and the main design will be converted to black, which is then used for stamp making. Colourful backgrounds cannot be achieved on paper stamps, so please keep that in mind while placing the order.
  • To print in colours other than black, an ink pad of that colour will have to be used.
  • We do not send digital proofs or previews of the stamp unless specially requested in the ‘add a note’ section on the cart page.
  • Large stamp sizes require extra effort to be used, so do view the video tutorial for the printing technique.
  • Low resolution files may cause a delay in processing and delivering your order.
  • The stamp does NOT come with a complimentary ink pad. We sell Archival Inks that are to be additionally purchased to use with the stamp.
  • Please practice stamping on rough sheets of paper to get good impressions before printing on the final surfaces to avoid wasting any packaging material.
  • We use authentic and natural wood so the shade and wood grain may differ, making each piece unique.
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