During fashion school, I discovered my natural inclination towards classic + vintage fashion and was ready and eager to take my first entrepreneurial step even before I had graduated. Weaving together extensive sewing skills learnt from my grandmother and a business acumen mentored by my father, I launched Ko Necessity.
Though you may mostly see me behind the works of Ko Necessity, my family is an integral part of the brand. I proudly call Ko Necessity a family business! My mother helps with quality check and product assessment while my father helps out with stamping all the packaging, raw material errands + deliveries. My sister manages order dispatch sync even though she lives overseas! There is so much love and care that goes into each product. I could never imagine running a business without my lovely family!
Making time for things I love doing has always been an important part of my life. Travelling along with my sister, exploring different countries, cultures, local foods and social gatherings tops my 'favorite things to do' list.
I enjoy baking tea cakes, deep dishes and making lemonades. Picking different fruits from my parents garden and turning them to lemonade mixes is a summer favorite. This brings me to my love for plants as I have grown up around a garden with different plants, fruits and vegetables.
I often take up freelance projects to make unique pouches, dresses, pillow covers and other such items. It keeps me in sync with my sewing technique. Its a skill i love to keep handy!