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Custom Pottery Mark

Custom Pottery Mark

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Handle Height
Stamp Size

Delivery Timeline: 10-12 business days.

Size: 0.5 x 0.5 inches

Depth: 3mm design depth 

Handle size options:

1) Short: 1 inch

(Used on outer pottery surfaces.)

2) Tall: 4 inches

(Used to stamp inside tall pottery items like cups, mugs, bowls etc)

Please bare in mind that only a symbol or up to 3 alphabets can be made on this stamp. 

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How To Order Your Custom Stamp

  • Pick the stamp size
  • Upload your logo or design file is a high resolution PDF format, preferably black & white.
  • Add the product to cart + complete shipping info and proceed to pay.


Acrylic stamp mounted on a hand finished block of natural wood.

Surfaces It Works On

This stamp works on all types of clay and pottery items in the leather hard stage.

Delivery & Returns

Delivery Timelines: 10-12 working days.

Cancellation & Returns: As each product is made to order, we DO NOT accept order cancellations or returns.

For detailed information, kindly view our policy page.

Usage Instrcutions

The make and structure of the clay piece, design of the stamp as well the stage at which your are stamping are extremely important. Practice to get this right is key in getting a good impression. After discussions with many expert potters that use my stamps, I have listed a few points to keep in mind.

For Slab Work: Gently press this stamp on the clay. small and large stamps work on slab techniques.

For Wheel Thrown Work: Smaller stamps with very simple designs work best for wheel thrown pieces.

At leather hard stage, press the stamp gently into the surface in soft circular motion to help it penetrate the clay. If the piece is too soft, it wont stamp. If the clay is harder than ideal, it may crack or wont stamp well.

The walls of the piece post trimming should be minimum 4-5mm thick. Pieces thinner than this may crack while stamping.

To stamp on the walls of a piece, provide support from the inside of the piece with your fingers to avoid cracking, deformations.

If the piece is a bit hard, moisten it with sponge and then stamp it. You could also add a small amount of slip and then stamp it.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool, dry and dust free place.

Care For Your Stamp

Keep away from direct sunlight and prolonged contact with water.

Clean the acrylic surface with a soft bristle tooth brush and water. Dab on a cloth on pat it dry.

For any clay bits stuck inside small nooks of the design, use a needle to gently remove it. Avoid hard pressure or the thin, delicate elements of acrylic design may crack.


  • The background of designs will always be removed and the main design will be used for stamp making. Backgrounds in colour cannot be achieved on paper stamps, so please keep that in mind while placing the order.
  • We do not send digital proofs or previews of the stamp unless specially requested within 30 mins of placing the order.
  • Detailed designed or fonts cannot be made on pottery stamps.
  • Low resolution files may cause a delay in processing and delivering your order.
  • Please practice stamping on non sale pieces to get good impressions before stamping on the final surfaces to avoid wasting finale sale pieces.
  • We use authentic and natural wood so the shade and wood grain may differ, making each piece unique.
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